Landing Page of Obama '08 appOK McCain supporters, we promised you an McCain Apple story and failed.  Turns out those tech savvy Obama whippersnappers have come up with an iPhone application that is pretty durn cool…if you are into that sort of thing.  The Obama ’08 Application(iTunes link) is available from the app store and has a flurry of features for those actively supporting Obama:

  • Call Friends: A great volunteering tool that lets you make a difference any time you want by talking to people you already know. Your contacts are prioritized by key battleground states, and you can make calls and organize results all in one place.
  • Call Stats: See nationwide Obama ’08 Call Friends totals and find out how your call totals compare to leading callers.
  • Get Involved: Do more. Find and contact your local Obama for America HQ.
  • Receive Updates: Receive the latest news and announcements via text messages or email.
  • News: Browse complete coverage of national and local campaign news.
  • Local Events: Find local events, share by email and get maps and directions.
  • Media: Browse videos and photos from the campaign
  • Issues: Get clear facts about Barack Obama and Joe Biden’s plan for essential issues facing Americans.


As a peace offering, here’s a clip of John Stewart and Bill Maher both supporting McCain (@1:00) over Al Gore.  Oh the humanity!

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