iPhone comes to Wal*Mart

November 15th.  Mark it on your calendar.  That is the date when the iPhone is coming to Wal*Mart according to BGR.  While it may sicken a few of you to have your precious Jesusphone in the hands of Joe Six-pack, it does open a lot of revenue and marketshare opportunities for our favorite company.   It also puts Apple in front of many more faces for the holiday buying season.  With the economy in a slump, that doesn’t hurt.

That market share also extends to iPhone developers who will have a much wider audience of customers from which to sell their wares.  Is there a NASCAR app yet?  Get crackin’!

With Apple/AT&T’s home pre-activation plans, the process will be easier than before (but still harder than gen 1) and Wal*Mart won’t have too much of a learning curve for their uninsured employees to have to train on.

No word yet on when/if Radio Shack will be joining the party.

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