After three long, painful months of waiting on edge, the planet can join together in jubilation, for Apple has finally started shipping their in-ear headphones. A lot has happened since these headphones were announced, including the downward spiral of the US economy, so the likelihood that people will decide to shell out 80 bucks for these is about as slim as the chance that they will stay in my ears. Nevertheless, its nice to see a delayed product finally ship, no matter how late it may be.  This looks to be a great product at a very un-Apple like great price.

Cinema Displays, check. In-Ear Headphones, check. Mini-Display Port to Dual-Link DVI… not quite.  Just in time for Eastern Orthodox Christmas maybe.

Oh and by the way, for some inexplicable reason the volume control doesn’t work with the iPhone.  Just because it has volume control on the device itself?  WTF

 The fanboy alert is ready for anyone who dares to defend this.

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