Out of nowhere it seems Wired’s Brian X Chen is saying that rebellion might be afoot in Cupertino:

Rakesh said he believes Apple isn’t preparing to simply give Jobs the boot. He said it’s more likely that Apple has developed a new executive team, which will gradually transition Jobs out of his role as CEO. "It won’t be Jobs staying at home, and starting next day the new guy comes," Rakesh said. "It’ll be a transitional overlap — over the next six months — until the next team takes over."

Similarly, Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster on Wednesday distributed a note saying his firm believes Apple is getting ready to shift management roles. "Yielding this year’s Macworld keynote to Phil Schiller, along with the participation of Tim Cook and Phil Schiller at the October event is, in our view, a clear message that a leadership shift is underway," Munster said.

Oh really?  Got any real evidence?

Several Apple employees contacted by Wired.com have reported that they haven’t seen Jobs since the company announced the CEO would not appear for a Macworld keynote. Jobs generally isn’t very visible in public, but the employees said they haven’t seen him on campus recently, either.

So, let’s get this straight. A few of Apple’s tens of thousands of anonymous employees haven’t seen Jobs since Tuesday? That is two whole days. 

Come on guys, we expect better.   We called up some Apple employees who said that Jobs has been seen with some mysterious Tina woman and that’s why he’s not sitting next to you at the cafeteria.

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