Come on, don’t tell us you aren’t a bit tempted to get one of the many cool new Netbooks hitting the market and throw your official copy of OS X on there.  One option for those of us who want to jump into this world is the EFi-X USB dongleTestFreaks got their hands on one and went to town with it…What was their conclusion?  (BTW, the video is just the unboxing – go to their site for the full review)

Their Conclusion?

I have had the opportunity of reviewing a multitude of items over the past two years and the EFiX is one of the most unique and exciting products that I have encountered. It works as advertised and could not be any simpler to install and setup. Using a store bought copy of Leopard, I was able to get up and running in under an hour. By using recommended hardware from the hardware compatibility list the user can build a Mac as powerful as even the highest end Mac Pro models.

The EFi-X USB V1 seems to be an evolving product as the makers add new features with each subsequent firmware upgrade. If you want to build a machine capable of running OS X, Windows and Linux on one platform, then the EFi-X USB V1 is the solution.

Plug and play simple
Works as advertised
Firmware being constantly improved by makers
Obviates the need for hacks when installing OS X on a x86 system
Can triple boot OS X/Windows/Linux environments

Works with only certain hardware

Overall score-10-10-thumb1 EFi- X USB V1 Reviewed
Design score-10-10-thumb1 EFi- X USB V1 Reviewed
Performance score-10-10-thumb1 EFi- X USB V1 Reviewed

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