Oh noes! The tables have turned against Apple in its fight against Psystar and its anonymous, loaded silent partners.  Gregg Keizer (who has been following the case closely) from Computerworld Reports:

A federal judge last week ruled that Psystar Corp. can continue its countersuit against Apple Inc., giving the Mac clone maker a rare win in its seven-month-old battle with Apple. He also hinted that if Psystar proves its allegations, others may then be free to sell computers with Mac OS X already installed.

In an order signed on Friday, U.S. District Court Judge William Alsup gave Psystar the go-ahead to amend its lawsuit against Apple. According to Alsup, Psystar may change that countersuit, which originally accused Apple of breaking antitrust laws, to instead ague that Apple has stretched copyright laws by tying the Mac operating system to its hardware..

"Psystar may well have a legitimate interest in establishing misuse [of copyright] independent of Apple’s claims against it — for example, to clarify the risks it confronts by marketing the products at issue in this case or others it may wish to develop," Alsup said in his ruling..

This thing is a loooong way from being over and Apple has a few bucks (28 Billion) to throw around.  But who knows,  maybe you won’t have to feel so guilty about building that sweet new Hackintosh Netbook if it is OK’d by the Feds, right?


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