20-inch Cinema Display EOL'd

Apple today EOL’d the 20 inch cinema display.  Whether that means a new 20-inch ultra-shiny Mini DisplayPort LED w/camera version is on the way or not is anyone’s guess.  The new 24-inch has had its fans (quality+camera+MacBook power adapter) and critics (price+shine), but it certainly seem like it is the direction Apple is headed.  It also means a desktop product refresh in the coming month is more likely.  Update: Also, Apple has lowered its prices on refurbished iMacs.

It is a bit difficult to justify the high cost of Apple Displays currently.  For instance a similar Dell (With DVI not DisplayPort and TN vs. LED) including camera and superior resolution costs $279.  It actually looks pretty good and gets great reviews.  While we can pay a premium for Apple quality, the new displays cost MORE THAN THREE times the cost of a this Dell.  That is the kind of pricing difference that gives Apple a bad name.

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