Update: both accounts were suspended…

Following up on yesterday’s Twittering Apple post, 9to5mac reader Hard-Hat-Mac points us to two more Apple Twitter feeds.

twitter.com/appleconcierge is Apple’s Store concierge Twitter page.  Apple geniuses are available for an easy 140 charater q/a.  It looks like it is getting answered every minute or so but there are currently only 6 followers.  This might someday beat the support forums for finding trends on bad Apple parts or getting a quick answer from a Genius.

Additionally, Apple PR has their own Twitter Page at twitter.com/ApplePR.  Currently it has 18 followers.  We expect that to increase pretty quickly.  How many is it at now?

9to5mac.com has it own Twitter feed at twitter.com/9to5mac but frankly we’ve been slacking.  We’ll try harder to keep it fresh.

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