What would a day be like without a vague Digitimes post stating that new Apple iPhone parts are moving around Asia?  Today it is flash chips.  Apple just bought 100 million 8Gb (not GB) NAND flash chips which is causing some shortages in the market.   Didn’t Apple and Samsung have some sort of deal on flash?

Apple has reportedly placed orders for 100 million 8Gb NAND flash chips mostly with Samsung Electronics, which is likely to cause a supply shortage, according to sources at downstream suppliers. Nokia and Sony recently also began building their NAND flash inventories, further tightening supply, the sources added.

As Toshiba, Hynix Semiconductor, Intel and Micron Technology have allocated less chip supplies to the Asia market since early April, downstream memory suppliers are striving to grab more NAND flash chips to meet substantial volumes of short lead-time orders from device makers, the sources indicated.

Supply is expected to remain tight until at least the end of May, the sources said.

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