Google Latitude is an application that has been promised for the iPhone for awhile now. It allows you to broadcast your GPS location and at the same time allows you to follow the locations of your friends. Obviously, there is both concern for abuse as well as excitement over this ability.  Google has released versions for the Blackberry, Symbian, Windows Mobile and, of course, Android. 

For whatever reason (App Store regulations?), Google has decided to skip over the iPhone as an native app and release Latitude as a Web App on iPhone 3.0.  With HTML 5 and Apple allowing Safari to access the GPS location in 3.0, apparantly it makes more sense to build a web app.  We aren’t quite sold on that yet but we are willing to try (Anyone got a URL for us?). 

This idea would be even better if Safari could continue accessing the GPS information in the background, for this to work.  More picts below.

Photos via Techcrunch

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