Well, here’s unexpected – the Apple Store appears to be out of action in the US and the UK.

We’re not saying there’s an imminent product upgrade coming, but we’re pretty curious to see if there’s any changes. Sure, this could be for maintenance, but as news-starved hacks we get all jiggy when the shop shuts down…we’re on a permanent search for Apple-related topics to talk about after all.

While you wait, it may be interesting to reflect on the following data:

Market research firm NPD has just revealed Apple’s revenue share for PCs over $1,000 is 91 per cent. So that’s interesting, right? Betanews reports that Apple’s revenue share went up to 91 per cent from 88 per cent in May.

Check back later for any new product news, or just a slightly disappointed sigh. Which will it be? You decide…

UPDATE: We now know that new products are currently being announced, and they’ll be a boon to creative Mac users in the music and video markets, because they are Logic Pro 9 and Final Cut Pro 7. We’re attempting to secure details on these releases, and we’ll tell you more about them later on.

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