More trouble from France, with fresh reports claiming spontaneous explosions afflicting iPhones there.

Crux of the issue are a new batch of half a dozen reports from France claiming instances in which customers have been injured when their iPhone screens spontaneously shattered for no reason at all. At least two French folk claim to have been hurt when this took place.

An 80-year-old pensioner from the Paris suburbs said Wednesday his iPhone screen cracked up in his hands, a day after a supermarket watchman claimed he was hurt in the eye when his screen suddenly shattered this week. Eight French consumers so far have claimed to have been afflicted by this.

Apple’s chief European PR, Alan Hely, said: "We are aware of these reports and we are waiting to receive the iPhones from the customers. Until we have the full details, we don’t have anything further to add."

Apple has previously described these as "isolated incidents", and is looking into the problem, though some reports have claimed the company has tried to still reports of the problem.

"An investigation is under way. We have been alerted to the problem and we are looking into it closely," an Apple spokesman said Tuesday. European Commission watchdogs have reassured that Apple is cooperating with the investigation.

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