TechCrunch has some purported Apple tablet interface photos.  Blurrycam?  Check.  Sketchy source?  Check.  Fake? Ch—well?  More below:

From Techcrunch:

…our source tells us these are very early screens of something that “Steve wants,” suggesting that the iPad is more movie watching device than anything else.I looked up some of the trailers and found that the language on the All About Steve one is true to the language used by the studios. As we see there is an AppleTV-esque drilldown interface along with a full on-screen keyboard – helpfully marked “keyboard” – and a Cover Flow interface for browsing video.Again, unless we get an Apple cease and desist I’m going to ask you to take this with a bucket of salt and a fresh batch of rumor cookies served up with some GTFO juice.



more screenshots at Techcrunch

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