As we mentioned last week, Spotify, the all-you-can-eat subscription music service, was approved for the App Store.  It looks to have just gone live in Europe where you can now have access to over 6 million songs on your iPhone for roughly $20 a month. 

Not a bad deal but there’s one monster catch.  Like all third party apps, it doesn’t work in the background.  Which sucks for a music player.  The App is free (iTunes Link) – but only in Europe for the moment. The service is hitting North America in the coming months. 

Also, it will be interesting to see if Apple revisits the iTunes all-you-can-download service that was rumored by the Financial Times last year.  We’re not sure what happened to that one -likely Apple and the labels couldn’t come up with an agreement.   Coincidentally, Spotify counts the music labels as its investors (18% ownership), and a recent UK court case confirmed the company has its own super-secret ads-funded music plan…

Spotify is also on Google

Spotify was also on Google’s Android today.

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