Apple’s keynote yesterday was heavily-hyped with huge expectation surrounding the event, the high points of which turned out to be the return of Apple CEO, Steve Jobs, introduction of iTunes 9 and the iPod nano – and the total collapse of Twitter during the show.

Jobs may have been partially responsible for the collapse of the popular ‘micro-blogging’ service. He mentioned Twitter during his keynote speech and, “boom”, within moments the service collapsed.

Users of the notoriously volatile website were met with blank pages alerting them to a "HTTP Server Error 503" when they tried to log on, though the problem was fixed after around 15-minutes, though the service wasn’t fully up to speed, with users complaining their @ message pages were failing to refresh.

Apple, Steve Jobs and iTunes 9 all rocketed to the top of Twitter’s "trending topics" list.

Apple’s beaten Twitter before: the service also fell over during the January keynote earlier this year.

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