You know how we feel about MMS.  It is an outdated technology that ties your communication to a carrier and doesn’t offer many of the benefits of email, let alone more modern technologies like IM.  That being said, we know a lot of you out there can’t wait to get your hands on it. 

AT&T’s official launch date is September 25th, a few weeks beyond the "Late Summer" release promised at WWDC.  However, according to the Consumerist, AT&T has been turning a few AT&T customers’ MMS capabilities on by disabling the MMS opt-out code.  No reason was given for the changes.

Mediaite’s Ash Kalb discovered that his iPhone suddenly had MMS after a recent upgrade, and theorizes that AT&T is slowly removing the MMS opt-out codes on iPhone users’ accounts.

Perhaps they are testing the ability of AT&T’s frail network to withstand the MMS onslaught?  Or they are trying not to get sued.  Or "under-promising and over-delivering".  Whatever the reason, we’re sure many of you will want to check your iPhones and comment below.


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