We all know Apple CEO Steve Jobs is eating lots of ice cream at the moment, now we’ve even learned which ice cream he likes the best.

SetteB.IT has set its best sleuths to work to uncover this information, revealing that along with lashings of good Italian food (well, it’s an Italian site) he also likes to chomp his way through a decent portion of vanilla or chocolate ice cream.

According to the report, super-secret sources in the Apple canteen have seen the legendary tech industry leader make a hard choice between dark chocolate ice cream and vanilla.

Also seems the former vegetarian has moved to adopting a pescetarian diet, eating seafood risotto, fish soup, salmon and sushi. Kind of like what this particular writer eats, also a pescetarian.

It does potentially strike us that perhaps Jobs should just write his own autobiography, rather than have elements of his life revealed willy-nilly. We know his life story and the evolution of his thinking would make interesting reading for decades to come. And we’d rather he got the choice to write it in his own way.

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