Noted UK personality and inveterate Mac user, Stephen Fry, wants the next-gen iPhone to carry a mini-projector, saying: "Beyond question, in a year’s time, we’ll be used to the sight of someone plugging their iPhone into a dock and broadcasting those beloved powerpoints, keynotes and films,” he told UK gadget mag, T3, during an interview to mark his recognition as ‘Personality of the Year’ in the T3 Awards.

He turned his turn of phrase on Apple, saying of the new iPhone, “it’s damn smart. It’s almost as if they knew that the rivals were bringing out phones that were better than the year before, but on last year’s chipset so wouldn’t have the speed, which explains this weird concentration on ‘S’ for speed.

“The minute you play with it and then try a rival you think ‘come on!’. The iPhone has this marvelous quality where you swear at it less."

T3 is hosting a complete interview with Fry here, including this clip we’ve published for your infotainment. Fry has the distinction of being the man who owned one of the first three Macs to reach the UK, the other being owned by his friend, ‘Hitchiker’s Guide to the Galaxy’ author, Douglas Adams.

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