Regrets, we’ve all had a few, and sometimes Hell’s pathway’s paved with good intentions. This morning we’re hearing all about the first emerging v.1.0 flaws in Microsoft’s newly-released Windows 7.0 OS – and it looks like poor impoverished student PC users have been hit with the newest identified bug in the newly-shipping Microsoft public beta.

Engadget is reporting that “quite a few people have had issues installing the downloadable $29 student upgrade edition on 32-bit Vista”.

Seems the file doesn’t unpack properly, and rather than becoming an OS installer magically transforms itself into one executable file and two non-functioning bundles. And then the whole install process bugs out, as it tries to run a 64-bit task on these 32-bit systems.

Microsoft is “looking into it”, the report states.

Still – looks like some of the people are having some fantastic parties – is that a bloatware burger??

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