Computerworld installed Psystar’s RebelEFI bootloader on two machines, one a PC Desktop and one a Fujitsu laptop/tablet.  Both worked as advertised but the final results left much to be desired.  The desktop PC was stuck at 1024×768 resolution and audio drivers didn’t work.   The Fujitsu laptop however was much worse off.

With the Fujitsu T5010, many key components did not work, including the integrated WiFi, tablet input, touch pad, integrated audio system and the fingerprint scanner. What’s more, the GMA 4500 graphics controller was only able to run at a resolution of 1024 x 768 pixels and not the system’s native resolution of 1366 x 768. I was unable to get any of those components working after the install, even after updating the drivers and the OS X operating system.

They recommend downloading the free installer first and making sure the PC is compatible before paying the $50 to activate the software.  Remember, Psystar’s software isn’t necessary to make a Hackintosh.  If you are really a cheap bastard, you may want to try Gizmodo’s $300 version instead.


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