A couple of points to note:

  • AT&T’s poor network is really killing the iPhone’s popularity and Pogue points this out.  As someone frequently in NYC, the iPhone is useless as a phone here.   I know many people who have an iPhone and still need to use a Verizon phone for phone calls.  The Droid will be tempting to them.  I’ve had similar experiences in SF.
  • The Droid OS/apps are way less polished than the iPhone’s.  While it isn’t getting a lot of airtime, I think this is akin to Windows vs. Mac.  To many people, this won’t matter. The Droid is definitely a techie phone.  Everything from the name to the feature-set is for techies.  Most people who’ve played with it so far are techie/journalists (like Pogue).  It will be interesting to see what everyday smartphone users think.
  • Those docks are pretty cool but not a technology breakthrough.  Apple should allow docks to communicate with the OS so that Belkin can create a $20 car dock and nightstand dock.  OS 3.2?
  • Not a fan of “App Phone”

http://plus.cnbc.com/rssvideosearch/action/player/id/1320297032/code/cnbcplayershare Jim Goldman, below, is much more in favor of the iPhone.http://plus.cnbc.com/rssvideosearch/action/player/id/1311309323/code/cnbcplayershare

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