The settlement details on the California part of the trial are out.  It looks like Psystar is throwing in the towel in California: 

Psystar’s agreed to be deemed liable for illegally copying OS X Leopard, bypassing the OS X kernel encryption in violation of the DMCA, and breaching Apple’s EULA, all to the tune of $2,675,050. In return, Apple’s dropping its various trademark and unfair competition claims, and has promised to hold off on collecting any cash until the various appeals have run their course.

A company that hasn’t sold 1000 machines is going to come up with $2.67 million in cash?  We think we hear another bankrupcy filing coming on. 

And the courtroom fun isn’t over yet!  The lawyers move onto Florida, Psystar’s stomping grounds, where the Snow Leopard part of the trial is going on. 

Here’s how it will probably end:  Apple will win big again in Florida. Psystar will go bankrupt and after settling debts with Apple legal will continue selling the Darwin Bootloader for people to make their own Hackintoshes…using the open source tools that are already out there.  They will sell a few thousand a year…

But, you know, the lawyers got to get paid, and Psystar wants to keep its name in the news for marketing purposes…so, see you next time a court document is filed in this case.

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