More sleuthing being done by the bloggers:  This time Fscklog finds ‘magic slate’ is also registered to the same front company as  As Macrumors notes, this would make a good name for a portable trackpad.  

MR also found a ‘smoking gun’ on the iSlate trademark.  Regina Porter, presumabley the same one that works in Apple Trademarking, was doing paperwork on the Slates as part of Slate Computing, LLC as recently as August of this year.  That means Apple is still interested in this name.

We’re still not sold on the name (like you, our readers, it appears) iSlate.  The original timing could have indicated it was a Plan B for the original iPhone but it’s seeming more and more like iSlate will be the name of the tablet and Magic Slate the name for a portable trackpad for desktops. 

For better or worse. 

Oh, you might want to sell your Wacom stock now.

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