Apple has worked hard on its environmental record, and today Greenpeace confirmed this with news that Apple is now the world’s greenest computer and consumer electronics company, as confirmed in the latest edition of its rankings guide.

As follows: “Our ranking guide, published since 2006, shows clearly how the 18 top consumer electronics companies line up. This new chart shows which of those companies have eliminated the most harmful chemicals from their product ranges.

“Gold stars represent products free of the worst hazardous substances. Smaller stars mean there are lmited products free of worst hazardous substances. A grey star means none of the products made by this company in these product categories are free of worst hazardous substances. And finally, a dash means that the company doesn’t make that kind of product.

“APPLE: Apple is leading the way on eliminating toxic PVC and BFRs from all it’s new products with the new iMac and MacBook being the first PC’s copmpletely free of PVC and BFRs.”

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