Gene Munster seems bullish on Apple, telling that Henry Blodget at The Business Insider that Apple stock could cross to $1,000 per share. No surprise then that AAPL stock closed at an all-time new high of $215.04 on trading yesterday (up 4.42 percent).

Some help too from Apple’s imminent tablet release, the color multimedia device which will allow us to browse the Web, listen to music, watch movies and or television shows and also act as an electronic book and newspaper reader, sending Kindle home to the Amazon.

Why will Apple hit these new heights?

  • Apple can become the global smartphone leader.
  • Apple can maintain its incredible growth rate.
  • There’s an explosive growth opportunity as products get cheaper.
  • The app development platform is definitely favoring Apple.
  • Apple won’t crack corporate America, but that’s not where the big mobile money is.
  • Apple’s “better positioned than any other hardware company to grow over the next 5 years”.

Thi second clip tells us why Microsoft won’t win this time around…

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