Our report from yesterday must have rattled some cages at Media Arts Lab, Apple’s advertising agency.  As we were told by our source at the secretive organization, Apple came crashing down on them with urgent requests to change the video

Update: We’ve just got word from our source at Chiat/Day Media Arts Lab that they make fake optimized web pages for all of Apple’s commercials — which load faster.  In this case they made optimized images to take the place of Flash and are redoing them as we speak.  So probably no Flash.

They’ve been quick to respond with new screenshots and video for Cupertino showing the missing Flash Plug-in logos where Flash videos had appeared to have loaded before.  If Apple had left the Flash movies in the video, they’d be exposed to false advertising claims. 

Below you can see the screengrab of the new video changed to show the iPad’s inability to play Flash.  This is what I saw at the event earlier this week.

Compare to the screengrab of original below:

To compare to the original video, see the youtube here.

They’ve also updated their stills to show NYTimes pages without Flash in them.  The original:

The new version which has a different, non-Flash page on the left and shows empty space where the video section once showed Flash video:

Apple clearly has no immediate plans to have Flash on the iPad.

(Thanks again to Andrew Paul Simmons for the  tip)

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