Update: Whoa! Opera just beat stock Safari in its own Webkit Javascript benchmarking tests.

Frankly, we mostly use Opera for its in-line (legal!) Torrent downloading ability, but it is always good to hear that they are working on features like those announced today. This version of Opera is supposed to use its new Javascript engine that it calls the fastest in the world. We’ve benchmarked it with Sunspider on a 13″ MacBook Pro here.

Headlining the list are HTML5<video> support and multi-touch gestures. The full list of updates below:

  • Stabilization Improvements: You will find that this build is much more stable than the pre-alpha build.
  • More polished user interface: The whole UI is more polished now. We’re still not done yet, and expect more polishes and improvements in the builds to come.
  • Opera Unite: Opera Unite now works with this release. You can browse through and download unite apps through the Unite Apps Repository.
  • HTML5 <video>: This beta now supports the html5 <video> tag.
  • Widgets as standlone apps: We’ve already talked about widgets as standalone apps, but this functionality was till now, only available in windows builds. Now even in this build of 10.50 beta for mac, you can use widgets as standalone apps.
  • New Developer Tools Menu: You can go to ‘View->Developer Tools’ Menu to access common and usefull tools for developers, such as Opera Dragonfly, cache information, the error console, the source code of the page, and more.

Download Opera 10.50 Beta for Mac

Opera via Geekword

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