Flash in the iPad

Two stories are getting some airtime today.  One has NPR and the WSJ building special iPad versions of their websites without Flash (remember this was one of Steve Jobs requests last month when he visited the Journal?)  The sites will be basically the same but the Flash bits will be replaced largely by HTML5 elements.

Some of you might be thinking: Why not just build websites without Flash?  Why keep the Flash versions around at all?

The Motley Fool’s Eric Jhonsa responds that Flash isn’t going anywhere soon.  Whether you hate Flash or you love it, there are some realities that will keep Flash developers around for years to come.

The biggest issue is Internet Explorer.  

Internet Explorer still accounts for close to 60% of all Web browsing and it can’t properly render HTML5.  Interestingly, Internet Explorer 9 was previewed today and it apparently is going to be able to do HTML5.  But the IE crowd aren’t the “quick-to-update” types.  In fact, 21% of Web users (Net Applications latest study) use 2001’s IE6.  (2001 called and wants their browser

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