iPad delays? Blame Wintek

Digitimes gives fair and balanced coverage of possible iPad delays by first quoting Liberty Times as saying Wintek’s display panels’ low yield rates are hampering iPad production, a fact that has been discussed before.

Taiwan-based touch panel supplier Wintek has been blamed for a delay of Apple’s iPad shipments, according to a Chinese-language report on Liberty Times. The report claimed that Wintek is facing a manufacturing bottleneck in its touch panel production, and its low yield rate for touch panels has hampered its shipments to Apple.

But on the flip side of the coin, Digitimes reports that Wintek has reported to the TSE that all of its operations have been running in-line with its plans.

Wintek, in a statement filed with the Taiwan Stock Exchange (TSE) today, said that all of its operations have been running in line with its plans, and it declined to comment on individual clients or particular orders.

We’ll see in coming weeks how well Apple is able to meet demand, which already appears to be pretty high.

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