After 24 hours of using the iPad, I’m starting to notice some trends.   Firstly, iPhone applications just don’t cut it.  I’ve deleted just about every iPhone application I have on my iPad.  Exceptions include Skype, Remote and FaceBook (though Facebook on Safari is far better).  I imagine at some point, I’ll only use iPad apps unless there is something I’ve purchased on iPhone that I don’t want to purchase again on iPad.  Having the microscopic application in the center or blown up at half res is not a very Apple-y experience.

Also, besides making a fantastic couch/table/bed computer, the iPad sits next to my keyboard while I am working and does tasks that I needn’t bother my Mac with. A great example of a secondary task for the iPad is as a calculator.  I’ve downloaded the Digits Calculator ($.99 – Video below) and have been using it to help do my taxes.   I also listen to Pandora (Apple, please let this app operate in the background!) and sometimes I embarrassingly check my Facebook account.   These are things I would have previously used my iPhone for, but the iPad does much, much better.

Getting a little work done at Easter brunch:


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