Remember when Apple was first showing off the iPad to journalists, one of the features they were showing off was ‘File Sharing’? You could flip a switch in the Settings and your iPad disk would show up on your Mac/PC’s desktop as a drive.  You could copy files from your desktop to iPad this way manually.

This would have been a great feature for carrying around important PDFs and other documents.  You could store important files on your iPad, not just ones that were going to be used in iWork.

The iPad SDKs also had the ability to share files through a disk mount on your computer.  With a little tweaking, you could still see that the setting was in the SDK.

I’m pretty sure Phil Schiller touched on the capability it at the iPad Event and it might have been on Apple’s website for a spell.  But when Apple finally released the iPad last week, no File Sharing Settings item and no desktop access to a share on the iPad.


Now all we get is this:

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