Steve Jobs promised that the iPhone 4’s Glass would be much stronger than the iPhones before it, but is it strong enough to take a fall onto a hard surface?

On just the third drop, the fine folks at iFixYouri landed up with a completely shattered display. The iPhone 4’s back uses glass as well, so when you drop this thing your chances of breaking aren’t just lined up with the front screen. The site goes on to mention the iPhone 4 shatters so easily because the glass is not recessed like some previous iPhone models. More images below:

Some side notes of reference:

-iFixYouri is no iFixit so their claims should be taken that way. Before determining how easily the screen shatters, you should wait until some professional tests are done in the coming weeks leading up to launch. 

-Additionally those are just spare iPhone 4 parts, and are definitely not fitted how Apple intended them to be. There are probably tons of mechanisms and chemicals that hold that thing together so shattering like that doesn’t happen. 

9to5mac2 glass.png

Update: Hey guys, what’s with all the threats in the comments? We can’t post some slightly negative Apple news without a mutiny?

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