Today, Toshiba has announced an all new NAND chip for their lineup, and this is a 64 GB chip perfect for iOS devices. The iPod touch and iPad take 2 chips while the iPhone can squeeze only one in. These new chips are set to be let out of their cages Q4 this year — perhaps in time for Apple’s annual September iPod event. Toshiba’s press release says initial shipments of the drives will go out the doors in September, so…

Apple usually gets early access to chips and other parts so it will be no surprise for these new Toshiba flash-based hard drives to make their way into brand-new iOS devices. Since iPod touches and iPads can take in two 64 GB chips we’re thinking a (classic-killing?) 128 GB iPod touch to lead the lineup as well as a new iPad with 128 GB of storage to go with its iOS 4 release and retina display. Since the iPhone can take in one, we’ll most likely see a 64 GB chip in the iPhone coming in a year from now, or even a 64 GB storage boost around the January/February 2011 timeframe. 

via Gizmodo

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