A few weeks back we reported a slip-up on Apple.com which displayed a screenshot showcasing the ability to open up an attachment in Keynote from an iPhone. This led to a bevy of rumors that Apple would launch an iPhone version of their popular iWork productivity suite. 


Today, Mobiture spots an interesting tidbit on some of Apple’s international online stores. When a user goes to purchase an iPhone via the online store they have some options such as purchasing a bumper, in-ear headphones, or in this case, AppleCare for iPhone. When a user in the U.K. clicks learn more on the AppleCare section they are given information as to what AppleCare will cover. In the software coverage section an interesting tidbit is present and this is coverage of “iWork for iPhone and other Apple branded iPhone apps.” 

Apple currently offers iWork for iPad, so this may be a typo by Apple’s website staff, or it can be a slip-up and iWork for iPhone is coming in the near future. Maybe at the September iPod event? (We hope soon!)

Developer Steven Troughton Smith has even ported (a work in progress) Pages to his iPhone and a screenshot is after the break:

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