This is a lovely one, and we couldn’t believe our eyes when we saw this. Phillip Shoemaker, the guy Jobs and Co. brought in to lead the App Store has his owns app under the company name, GrayNoodle LLC. These aren’t your everyday apps from such a professional guy, but are apps that allow you to hear animal fart sounds and practice your mad peeing skills. 

For the developers out there, in case you didn’t know… This is the same fine individual who’s in charge of removing and rejecting your fine applications. Shoemaker even has a website for his apps here. One of his most popular apps, iWiz, helps you “simulate the experience of urination for a long time”, which is nice, right?

An Apple spokesperson says Shoemaker’s “perspective as a developer is one of the valuable things he brings to Apple’s developer relations team,” and this honestly makes sense. Wired discovered Shoemaker’s class-act by snooping around his Linkedin profile. All references have been removed and we truly wish Philly well.

The very best of Shoemakers tweets are after the break:

Screen shot 2010-08-18 at 10.21.48 AM.png

Screen shot 2010-08-18 at 10.21.58 AM.png

Screen shot 2010-08-18 at 10.24.22 AM.png

Screen shot 2010-08-18 at 10.24.27 AM.png


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