Some interesting info coming out of the requisite AppleTV teardown from iFixit.  First off, the AppleTV has an 8GB Samsung Flash chip but room for another 8GB  (v2 1080P version?).  While most of that space is probably reserved for caching movies, a few apps could use this space to build a home.

The Panasonic board that contains the Broadcom Wifi chip also has an FM radio.  Apple could enable this at some point (or some hackers could like the Droid 2) or maybe it just came along for the ride?

Same A4 and 256 MB of RAM as the iPad or iPod touch.  Good news for App developers.

And finally, a curious array of connections that coincidentally lines up with Apple’s 30-pin dock connector (below).

Bonus: As Apple’s specs state, 6W of power.  That means that the same amount of power could light a 60W light bulb or 10 AppleTVs.

So basically an 8GB iPod touch without the screen or battery for $99.  Not too shabby.

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