According to reports out of France (via HardMac) data carriers are currently in negotiations with Apple to allow for price subsidized sales of the iPad 3G. This would allow carriers to sell the 3G iPad model at lower costs for the customer if they agree to sign 1-2 year contracts. This would be an amazing thing for customers as they could potentially buy the higher end, 3G-rocking, iPad, get it for cheaper, and still get rid of it in a year when Apple releases their next iPad.

Apple is already wanting to get their 3G iPad into the hands of as many users as possible and this is evident through their data-pricing in the United States with AT&T. Users can have a 3G iPad but not use the 3G portion of it. They also pay month-to-month with no contract at all. The report also states that Apple may even already be in these negotiations with other European nations as well. Oh, could Apple being doing this because the Galaxy Tab is sold subsidized?

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