Verizon said they would be phasing out their unlimited data plans, but today the Wall Street Journal reports these unlimited data plans will be sticking around for the iPhone. Verizon offering unlimited data plans for the iPhone is a real incentive for people debating whether to get the AT&T or Verizon model in the U.S. This is because AT&T phased out unlimited data plans when the iPhone 4 launched in June.

Another thing to think about is Verizon’s no browsing while talking restriction. AT&T allows their phone users to browse the web over 3G, for example, while talking on the phone. Reports recently emerged claiming Verizon would soon remove the restriction, leading to increased speculation about an iPhone for Verizon. Verizon is expected to finally unveil their CDMA iPhone on Tuesday, January 11 with the device going on sale in late January or early February.

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