Our friend Chris from the iFixYouri iPhone repair shop points us to a shady Chinese part supplier website claiming to have the scoop on the next-gen iPad’s specs. The first is the iPad 2’s screen resolution. The site claims it’s a whopping 1920 x 1280, which is certainly hard to believe from a developer scaling standpoint.  

The site claims the iPad 2 will include a 3-axis gyroscope which is actually  both very believable and probable as Apple’s two other iOS devices have gyroscopes and it would add to the gaming experience. Next, the site claims the iPad 2 will feature two 30-pin USB ports, and this is something we have seen in both patents and real life.

On to the cameras… the part supplier website claims there will be a front-facing 0.3 megapixel camera complete with FaceTime software. That sounds reasonable with the leaks lately, and Apple uses a similar FaceTime camera in their other iOS devices. The back camera is said to be the same 5 megapixels as on the iPhone 4- which sounds fairly reasonable.

Now to destroy the site’s credibility and some of the rumors above. They say it’s going to be white, and their photo of the iPad 2 is from a concept video (above) as I pointed out yesterday. We do sort of want to believe the screen resolution and the new hardware additions though.

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