Data Center Knowledge has an interesting report which has all the hallmarks of Apple unique ability to rewrite the technology playbook.  There isn’t much meat but check out these quotes:

Instor and Electrorack said they have completed a project providing tailor-made enclosures for an unnamed client at a large data center in North Carolina. The vendors said the units were “built specifically to address the owner’s precise and unique requirements concerning airflow, cable management and equipment mounting.”

Large Data Center in North Carolina?  Check. Precise and unique requirements? Ummm..

They were hired by Holder Construction, whose many data center projects include Apple’s 500,000 square foot iDataCenter in Maiden, North Carolina. While Instor and Electrorack aren’t talking, the project description suggests a massive facility.

“This data center has truly changed the playing field in terms of size, efficiency, and engineering, and we were thrilled to have the opportunity to bring our expertise to the table to make it a reality,” said Todd Schneider, Senior Product Manager at Electrorack.  “Outfitting a landmark data center on this scale while adhering to highly-aggressive implementation schedules – and producing one-off solutions”

The facility was scheduled to be complete and at least partially operational at this point. Another wing which would double the original size has also been planned.

Data Center Knowledge provides this Apple Data Center FAQ for a summary of what’s known so far about the Maiden NC facility.

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