Jobs wasn’t kidding when he told a 9to5mac reader to “buckle up” for a brand new version of Final Cut Pro with 64 bit compatibility. According to TechCrunch Apple reportedly invited a “small group of video editors” to the Cupertino, California campus recently to test drive the new video editing product. Apple is supposedly glittering some last minute magic on the professional video editing suite of applications and is tracking a Spring 2011 launch date.

This new version of Final Cut Pro is said to be a “major overhaul” complete with a brand new user interface, 64-bit compatibility, and architectural enhancements. Randy Ubillos and Co. have surely been working on making the product even speedier and easier to use. With Final Cut Pro 8 Apple is going to make it clear that they have not dropped the professional video editing space in favor of the consumer space. This has been a concern for many with the lack of a Final Cut Pro update recently and due to the two iMovie-related presentations during iKeynotes in 2010.

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