We don’t normally put a lot of faith in what the online sales reps say, but MacAppsDaily chatted up an Apple phone rep who said online sales would begin at 12:01 on the 11th, with free fast shipping.  That seems pretty solid and is being reported elsewhere.  While good, it isn’tt going to get you an iPad as fast as waiting in line though.

One thing this would guarantee though: FedEx isn’t going to accidentally send you your iPad before people get in them in line, like the last few launches.

Update: for clarification 12:01 am is on the 11th.  61 seconds before is the 10th.  Midnight used for understanding/clarification.

Update 2: Just recieved this:

Spoke with an Apple store chat representative: Confirmed online sales begin at 12:01am PST on 3/11/2011. Additionally, the in-store pick up reservations will not be allowed initially, according to the chat rep.


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