It appears that the updated Flipboard for iPad puts up a warning when you run it on a jailbroken iPad. As noted by Cult of Mac’s editor-in-chief Leander Kahney, the alert informs you that you’re running a jailbroken device which may cause “bugs, crashes or other unpredictable behavior.” Other than that, the app continues to work without a hiccup.


It’s the first instance of a major up containing a jailbreak warning, at least to my knowledge. Let’s hope Apple doesn’t get any ideas. It wouldn’t entirely surprise me if they began requiring developers to include such warnings by default. They could even update iOS to automatically alert users whenever they run apps on jailbroken devices.

UPDATE: As noted in the comments, Skype, DB Navigator, iBooks and some other apps sport similar jaibreaking alerts. Also worth noting regarding the Flipboard app, it’s a one-time notification meant to discourage jailbreakers from blaming developers for erratic app performance and prevent 1-star reviews on the App Store as a result.

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