Smart Cover gets redone in wood

Apple-designed Smart Cover is old news. Those yearning to stand out in the crowd should consider this beautiful and classy cover by Miniot, a Netherlands-based third-party accessory maker. Dubbed the Miniot Cover, it’s basically a Smart Cover redone in wood. Yes, it’s got magnets that snap it into place, just like Apple’s cover. Unlike Apple’s version, the Miniot Cover boasts the level of detail plus fit and finish that oozes with class. Read on…


The wood pattern is seamless across the bars and flush with the device. The effect is jaw-dropping and resulting in the executive feel that’s bound to make you the star of the boardroom. My favorite design treat is how the wooden surface rolls into a cylinder. This lets you affix the device upright for handsfree use or leave it flat for easy typing. Check out a demo video right after the break. Carved from a single piece of certified wood, and with your personal engraving for free, the Miniot Cover can be yours in exchange for 50 Euros, or $69, the same asking price as Apple’s Smart Cover in leather. It’s available to order now through Miniot’s online store.

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