The news that WWDC 2011 tickets sold out in a matter of hours left me dumbfounded. Hours, mind you, not days. We’re talking a geek conference here folks, not a Lady GaGa show. I’m positive the achievement will deserve a funny remark during Steve Jobs keynote come June 6.

There are signs, however, that bogus developers have seized an opportunity to profit on the backs of real programmers eager to experience Steve Jobs’ reality-distortion field.


TUAW noted that an unactivated WWDC 2011 ticket is now up for sale on eBay, bidding for $2,500 at press time.

That’s a whooping premium over their regular asking price of $1,599.

Oh, you get free shipping.

The sold-out conference has left many people upset, I imagine, especially those who hadn’t been plugged in the whole day. As our reader Scott Buscemi noted in the comments:

Can you imagine being a developer that didn’t hear about the announcement this morning, then coming home from work and seeing that it’s already sold out? Jeez.

Couldn’t agree more.

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