Adobe’s Photoshop Express app for iPhone and iPad gets the job done for quick image edits on the go. It’s free and has a bunch of filters (more available via in-app purchase) and border presets, as well as color correction and image cropping tools. It looks crisp on the Retina Display, supports multitasking and enables seamless sharing and cloud integration via  Fans of the program will be happy to know that it’s about to get even better.


There’s one glaring omission, though. Unlike its desktop counterpart, it lacks layers.

If Photography Bay is right, you can expect support for layers in the next update alongside tweaks to enable comparison between original and edited photos.

Check out the layers feature in action plus other enhancements right below. Note that the new Photoshop for iPad app was only demoed at Photoshop World as a proof of concept so there’s no guarantee it’ll land on the  App Store soon.

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