Yeah, they disassemble docks these days… iLounge took it upon themselves to tear apart the new iPad 2 dock. For those unaware, the iPad 2 dock is substantially heavier than its predecessor for iPad 1. The secret is in the metal plate used to affix the accessory firmly by the means of added weight:

First, if you’ve ever wondered how Apple gets those docks to feel substantial, the answer’s not tiny sandbags. Each version of the Dock actually has a huge, heavy metal plate inside molded with a “Zinc-3” legend on its undercarriage. These plates actually jut up to form the reclining mini-walls found behind the iPads, which is to say that Apple’s Docks are far sturdier than their pretty little glossy white plastic exteriors would suggest.

I guess that’s one of the rare cases of Apple engineers actually thinking about how to make a product heavier. More images after the break.


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