With the Apple-Nuance partnership all but confirmed, the recordings of Nuance-powered text-to-speech seem to be all the rage because they provide an indication of how an improved text-to-speech synthesis in Mac OS X Lion might sound like. Hit the links below to listen to a select few Nuance-powered voices as WAV files. You can also check out a whole lot more voice recordings here.

French Canadian (Felix) English British Accent (Serena) English American Accent (Samantha) Spanish (Monica) Irish (Moira) Scottish (Fionna) Mandarin Chinese (Mei Ling) Finnish (Mikko) German (Yannick)

The difference is obvious. The voices sound more natural and less robotic compared to standard Mac OS X text-to-speech. Plus, Nuance’s RealSpeak software renders a greater range of emotions and accents, from French to Romanian to Thai to Mandarin Chinese and more.


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