A source with some success in the past has passed along that iCloud will have educational-tiered pricing, perhaps being free for students and teachers to a certain level or with the purchase of Apple products.

The tip makes sense for a few reasons.  One, Apple’s Back to School promotions are said to be tied to WWDC – which is unusual.  The tie-in could include Cloud offerings.  In fact, it would be surprising if iCloud wasn’t somehow tied to Mac sales.

Example: Buy a Mac, get an iPod and two years of iCloud for free.

Also, Google’s Apps for education (Microsoft’s as well) are making a huge Cloud push in schools, a traditional stronghold of Apple.  The offerings are free for acadamics.  As Google starts to deploy Chromebooks to these students at $20/month, Apple needs to have a strong Cloud to Computer showing.  Obviously Apple’s computers are strong, so too should its Cloud offering.

We’ll find out soon.

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