Remember the above video from a Microsoft Phone 7 Mango demo in April?  The then-current Apple browser (remember, that was pre-Nitro) didn’t fare so well against Android and Windows Mobile in a browser test that Microsoft set up.  It registered a 2 frames per second vs. Microsoft’s Mobile IE score of 26.  Apple was originally handicapped because the iPhone has more pixels to render: 640×960 vs. 480×800.

The Nitro update certainly helped out a bit bumping Apple’s score mildly.

However, running that same test on a iOS 5 iPhone 4 with the latest version of Safari is a totally different story….

Winrumors ran (and we confirmed – below) that the iOS 5 Beta’s Safari actually blows by the experimental IE 9 in Mango and scores a 31.

iOS 5 will probably ship before Mango and it just beat it on Microsoft’s own unfair to begin with test. test.


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